Monday, October 20, 2014

Just Ouch

I'm gonna whine a little. It's been such a week! Normally I am a very healthy person, and I don't complain of ailments because I really don't have many. Thus, I'm a lousy patient when I do get sick. In the past week, I've had FOUR issues, physically, that set me back. Four! Two of them I won't mention on ye olde blogge, but they are little personal miseries that occur in life, as we age.
Then on Friday, on a bike ride, Adam accidentally ran into me. I wasn't hurt badly -- just a scrape on my leg, and a good-sized bruise on my hip that's sore. Makes sleeping a little bit harder.
But yesterday was the killer. We went to a friend's house for Adam to help her winterize her bee hives. No big deal. I'm around bees all the time. I knew that one of her hives was occupied by particularly mean-spirited bees, but I was standing well back from them, minding my own business. Both Adam and my friend were closer to that hive.
And then ... boom! One of those bees nailed me on the soft side of my hand. Ouch! I pulled the stinger out. I wandered over and found some plantain leaves, tore them up, and put them over the sting.
And it seemed to do fine for a while. Inside her house later, I took the plantain off and applied some cooling aloe gel. Maybe that was a mistake? I don't know, but the hand started to swell. And swell. And SWELL. It got huge.
Last night I took two Advil, 100 mg of benadryl, and slept okay. But today it's been a true pain. I've applied cold packs all day long, but the swelling is still pretty painful and itchy.
I have never, ever had a bee sting like this. It's utterly miserable.
So, there's my whine. I skipped chorale rehearsal tonight because I can't focus, can't hold things well with the hand. It's really hard to type! We did homeschool today, and I taught my Bible study, but that was the most this girl was up to.


  1. I'm so sorry! I will commiserate with you because I am covered--arms and legs-- with mosquito bites. My husband said it looks like I have the pox:( These are from mosquitos that hide in my room all day and come out and get me (and my husband) at night. I hope your bee sting goes down soon. Make sure you're not developing an allergy. If it's any consolation, bee stings on the hand are supposed to help with arthritis.....

  2. Ouch! I hate bee stings and swelling! My main whine has been what I think is a pinched nerve in my back causing a deep ache in the right side of my back which I can feel along the back of my arm. And I can't get into the chiropractor for another week and a half!! Should we have a little cheese with our whine? :) Hope you're feeling better in all respects soon!

  3. I'm so sorry!! I hope you can get some drugs in you so that you can sleep tonight....

  4. Truly ouch. I was going to suggest antihistamine, but I see you took some. It sounds like you are doing the right things, so fingers crossed (sorry!) that you recover soon.

  5. Wow MK I hope the swelling and pain subside soon.

    Love, hugs and healing ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh no! Hoping you feel better soon. Would your salve work maybe? I've had bee stings with lingering swelling/itching, and it is very uncomfortable. Sorry!

  7. Oh, bless your heart and your hand! I'm sure it's better by now!

  8. Oh poor you!!! It's very sad when you get a mean colony! My grandad's last batch of bees were really friendly, not nice when they're not!x

  9. Ouch. No fun at all. Kudos to you for still homeschooling and teaching Bible study. Hope it's better now.
    I would echo the comment about making sure you aren't developing an allergy. I have to carry an epi-pen for my anaphalaxic reaction to sesame; you don't want to take chances.


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