Sunday, October 26, 2014

Of Trees and Other Things Up in the Sky

Pecan trees and sunset at the end of our street ~
The pyracantha is voluminous this year.

(my favorite -- I was about to turn and go when the birds crossed the creek)

Most of these photos were taken in a few minutes, on a walk I made to the end of our street -- an end that comes to its very end in the water. It was sunset, and I never tire of Smith Creek sunsets, as you see. I hear our winter will be cold and snowy, and the pecan trees and berries here seem to be helping the squirrels prepare. The fellow above hugging the base of the mast made us scratch our heads; that boat belongs to our friend Dick, and we wondered who this strange man was, on Dick's boat. Then we looked up the mast and discovered Dick himself, doing a little work on the top of his mast, on a windy day. It made me nervous to watch him, but this is what sailors do. 'Tis the time of year for little green tree frogs. They leap into your house at any open door, if you're not careful. Beau, however, has no interest in trees, nor their bounty, nor sunsets, nor anything else up in the air. He's a dog with all four paws planted firmly on the ground.


  1. Beautiful.views! I love to see your home! X

  2. Great photos and my favorites are the fire hydrant.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Nice pictures! I especially loved the ones by the water--and the pecans that had been picked. I've never experienced that tree frog phenomenon; how interesting.

  4. Lovely photos on a lovely stroll! I enjoyed them all, but that sunset picture with the birds is my favorite as it is yours!

  5. Glorious sunset pictures! I remember picking pecans as a youngster in SE Texas. (Picking them up from the ground, I believe.) I recall laying on my back, looking up at the big pecan trees swaying in the breeze. It was dark and I could see stars between the branches. I also remember saying to myself, "Trees are my favorite plants in the world!" I must have been about 8 years old. A very clear memory, and trees are still my favorite plants in the world. ;)


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