Thursday, August 29, 2013


Adam left to go visiting around town this morning and stopped by the hardware store. There he chatted with a man hauling lots of left-over yard sale items in the back of his truck. Among the items was this, a gas grill for boating:
We've been looking and looking for one of these, cheap and used, without any luck. The fellow told Adam to take it away. For free! (Here's the very same grill, for sale on Amazon for $279.) It was really messy and dirty, but it's made of good stainless steel, which cleans up so well. Adam started scrubbing away on the grill. It looks beautiful now.
He's dashed to the grocery to get some chicken for tonight. It's been years (since Statesville) since we grilled anything. Yummy! It's a perfect tabletop size for us, and if we do decide to take a longer boat trip and cook, it will go along with us.
We're grateful for such a nice blessing for us today.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. We grill year round....sometimes 4-5 times a week! My husband will just pull the grill up to the door even if it's raining or snowing :)

  2. How great! An informal free cycle!
    I bet you'll appreciate that delicious chicken!

  3. it always amazes me what people throw away; great find in that grill, it'll give a lot of years of good food.


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