Wednesday, December 10, 2014

And Here Comes My Weekend ...!

*Tomorrow, we drive to Rocky Mount to pick up Anna, who's coming home for college. Adam will drive, so I can knit and not waste the time. Must get things made for selling at the market.
*Must be sure Anna's room is clean.
* Must be sure house is reasonably clean because folks will be coming over Friday afternoon.
*(Anna is sick and will come home, crash into bed, and we won't see her for several days.)
*Make cookies sometime.
*Practice the piano like a lunatic. Found out today that I may need to play a very an insanely hard piece of music for performances this weekend.
*Remind self that it's dangerous when people find out you play the piano.
*Friday afternoon, church people come over to decorate the church parade float in our yard.
*Adam serves koloches and coffee to them. We gather the cookies together.
*4:30 Friday at the town dock we hand out cookies and hot cider to passersby, and sing carols.
*6:00 Friday at the Methodist church for rehearsal before the ...
*7:00 Christmas performance of the local chorale before a packed house.
*Get stuff loaded into car for farmer's market that evening.
*8:00 a.m. Saturday at the farmer's market, until noon.
*Get my stuff back home, get to the parade float and wave at people at 1:00 and throw candy at small children.
*Practice the piano more in the afternoon.
*Do another Christmas concert with the chorale Sat. evening.
* Squeeze in practicing for Sunday's worship music at our church.
*Oops -- forgot to make some nibbled for Sunday's snack! Must make my artichoke dip!
*Do Sunday, as per usual.
*Crash and burn Sunday afternoon.
*Oh -- don't forget to ride my bike any day that I have time, to keep myself healthy.
*Remember to get myself some glasses!!! to play the piano, since I can barely, fuzzily, make out the music anymore. Sigh.
a cacophony of sheet music I'm working on
So -- If you enjoy angelic, exquisite Christmas music this season at some church or hall or even on the street, remember that some poor musicians out there have been slaving away, chaotically throwing things together, wrangling singers for rehearsal, hoping no one gets sick, badgering people to blend, and encouraging them to look at the director and don't forget to SMILE! -- all so you can enjoy some lovely music. At Christmastime, musicians don't get to relax. They just don't. Appreciate them.


  1. You forgot to write - "write blog post" in the list above, so what did you skip? LOL

  2. Apologies if this is a duplicate post: what a weekend! Hope Anna gets well soon -- you all are crazily busy right now. Some of my siblings are very busy right now; I am in the audience more often than in front of it lately, which is fun but sort of sad, too.

  3. Don't you mean throw candy TO children! Ha ha!
    Wow! You are a busy gal. You can buy some readers at Walmart or any gift store. Cheap!
    Take care, busy friend!

  4. Oops again ... I forgot to add that I have to write up a French test and a literature test today. Groan!

  5. Good grief! What a busy time ahead of you!!! Makes me ready to crash and burn just reading about it.

    I do hope Anna feels better soon.

    Enjoy, try to relax and not stress and pretty soon the holidays will be over.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Ah yes. I remember MANY years ago being one of those musicians (well, singers) and going through that. But you are way beyond anything I ever experienced! Schedule some rest now and then, okay! And have fun! :)

  7. I always, always appreciate musicians.


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