Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Origami Lights

My girlies are so creative -- Proud Mama here!
Julia bought a package of scrapbook paper at Michael's, and she's been making little folded boxes. I don't know if they qualify as origami, but they're pretty!
She strung twinkle lights around the windows in her bedroom, and then she mounted a little paper box on each light ... like this:
I like this red floral one.
Sometimes there's a jumble of lights.
And Julia likes this one best, with the script on it.
She's now put a paper box on each light, so her room is very festive. Isn't this a cool idea?
Update: Here are a few more pics, after Julia finished the light strings.


Vickie Lynn said...

What a creative soul! The boxed lights look perfectly festive! What a great Proud Mama moment.

Merry Christmas,
Vickie @ Teacups & Toadstools

Pom Pom said...

VERY cool! I love it! Don't you adore twinkle lights?

Kezzie said...

Clever Julia!x

Dasha said...

Clever idea, looks very pretty. Did she use a tute? Does it dim the lights??