Thursday, December 25, 2014

This Is Christmas

To believe in Christmas is to believe in miracles,
To believe that the ineffable God would choose
To be a human forever.
More, to believe He did it because
He loves you,
and could not bear for you to exist
and not to be with you.
So He came.
He was born miraculously once
on this planet, in time.
He is born anew each time
a human says to Him, "I believe."
He is born anew in our hearts
each Christ Mass,
the baby who came to die
and take our curse, our death.
The divine scheme for our rescue
begins with the wailing infant 
at Christmas,
And ends with the Mass of Christ,
The body, the blood, made in Mary.

copyright by the author


  1. Amen and amen and a million gazillion hallelujahs forever!!!!

  2. For me, to believe in Christmas is to believe in Christ.
    Merry Christmas, Mary Katherine, to you and yours.


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