Friday, December 5, 2014


That we two came to be
In this universe
Is the first miracle.
That I have wondered at you
Between quiet kisses
Saying Who are you?
Is the second.
That we are eternal
And will do this forever
Is the third.

And three is plenteous.

Oriental, NC
Copyrighted by the author


  1. Hi, M.K., I am trying to figure out how to leave a comment here on your blog but haven't been able to so far. Here goes again... I really like your poem and your Advent posts. It does make me slow down and relax to read and enjoy your photos! Thank you.

    1. Hi, Suzanne -- yay!! It worked! Thanks so much. I'm trying (with varying success) to slow down and calm myself this week. Need a "reboot" on that today, for sure.

  2. Profound in its simplicity and its depth. Lovely.

  3. Agree with Melissa!

  4. This is a lovely poem--and a beautiful commentary on your marriage, Mary Kathryn. (Somehow, I missed your "carols" post: I should read that. I have been low on Christmas cheer lately and kind of thinking that the Puritans had the right idea there.)

    1. Oh, Sandi -- you do need to cheer yourself with carols! I love spending some time at Youtube, looking for special, beautiful ones. Or you could start a Pandora station for yourself (free!), and select only carols you love. Start with just asking for John Rutter. You can hardly go wrong there :) May your heart be filled with the joy of this musical season!

  5. Dearest MK ~ This is perfect as the 2nd anniversary of my dear husbands' homegoing to heaven is on the 9th.

    Thank you, thank you ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi, Rainy! Glad this was a blessing for you :)


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