Monday, December 1, 2014

Two Steps Behind

It's December 1st. Already, I'm behind. I'm woefully behind reading other blogs, and when I went over to PomPom's blog and caught up, I realized (when I enjoyed her Thanksgiving post) that I'd already missed the Pause in Advent series this year! Sigh. I'll read other "Pause" posts, but maybe this year I'd better bow out!
Today Julia made a little more progress on our little tree -- she added the lights. We were just too busy to do more.
 We had a full day of school, she cleaned house for a friend, I prepared and taught a Bible study, she did her trash-taking-out job. A run to the bank. Rehearsal this evening.
I did a shot like this last year, I think. Our tree, and its reflection, and the tiny triangle of a neighbor's porch tree across the street. And me. And a shaky-looking angel!
 Happy December, all.
 I have rumblings of Adventish thoughts in the old noggin, but no time to form them into something sensible ... yet.


  1. Hi MK! You are a sweetie pie to read my old posts (and leave such nice comments!) Thank you! I've been in bed with Miss Bug's bug for two days. I haven't done my Advent post.

  2. Doesn't matter if you join in late- join in when you can! xxx

  3. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the activities this month, including bloggy activities. I hope you'll be able to relax and enjoy the month. Sometimes I feel obligated to come up with a post when I don't really feel like it. There's nothing wrong with sitting back and reading what others are up to for a while. ;) That's my lazy December resolution! :)

  4. Your dogs are adorable!
    I too am sadly behind. I'm wondering if I will even get a tree up this year. Life is still busy with my parents and I find it hard to even think about pulling all the Christmas decorations out.
    I'm just allowing the Lord to direct me there, and I know He will.
    Sweet blessings to you, Mary Kathrine.
    Joy! Debbie

  5. Hey, Mary Kathryn, just read a couple of your Advent posts. This one, and "We," which I think you posted today. I am hoping to read more as I pause a little more often in Advent. It helps me to feel connected to you and Sandi here, as I am really feeling an ache (or echo?) in my heart without my mother right now. I want to write and write and write my feelings, because I find that, like tears, that is where the healing is. Forgive me if I loiter here and gush sometimes, it just hits me hard at random moments, and I need to connect with women on a sacred level. I love your pieces, and love you!


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