Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Three Girls in the House

Well, Anna's home! She's done with her scholastic labors for a few weeks, and she can turn into a vegetable :)
We picked her up at the Rocky Mount train station, a very cool building.
I've shared some photos before, but here's the extremely large waiting area.
And the impressive glass ceiling overhead. Love those light fixtures.
The oddest thing at this train station -- outside on the boarding area, a long paved area next to the tracks, the people waiting to board the next train divided themselves almost exclusively by race: black passengers on the right, white passengers on the left, and with a very long stretch of concrete between the two groups. I found it so odd. It's almost like everybody would have to know ahead of time, which side to go to, you know? How does that work? It seemed bizarre to me. I did find these fun Santas outside the station cafe to be pretty cool too!
On to Anna! She's been doing more hand-stitching, and has some pairs of pillowcases for sale this season. These first two sets are done on pure white cases (NOT cream-colored), but my lighting was not great for the photos. But you can see the lovely work she does.

This is my favorite set:

The set below is on cream-colored cases.

She's starting a new pair with cute hummingbirds on them. Not done yet.
Anyway, if anybody out there would like a pretty pair of hand-stitched pillowcases for a Christmas gift, she is charging $50/pair. Leave a comment or otherwise contact me and let me know.
We girlies went to New Bern yesterday and spent the day shopping away -- consignment stores, Michael's, Bath and Body Works, shoe stores, TJ Maxx. We had loads of fun :)
I love having both my ladies at home! The Merry Christmas has begun!


  1. Clever Anna! They're beautiful!
    So nice to have your girls together!x

  2. Fun times. So special with your girls! Anna's stitching is beautiful. Now that the family is together again, your joy is indeed full. Enjoy!

  3. How wonderful to have your girls home for Christmas and having such fun together.

    Anna's stitching is really lovely.

    Happy Christmas week ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm so happy for you! I'll get to spend time with two daughters and two dil's next week - there is nothing sweeter.


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