Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Treasure Trove

Today Adam and I dropped by a store I'd heard of from friends. They told me I might find an egg cup here.
It's in Bridgeton, about 30 minutes away for us, and on the way to New Bern, so we stopped on our way to "big town."
They have lovely stuff, and lots of it. China ~
Silver and silverplate ~
Cool antique items ~
Adam toodled around. I asked the owner if she had any egg cups, and within five minutes she had found me FOUR egg cups!
Here they are. All very reasonably priced. I'll show you more close up shots of them in another post. They're adorable, unique. I wasn't expecting to find four. But the one I have now is already chipped and probably not long for this world.
Kirkman's has loads and loads of wonderful things. They have about 40 vendors who have booths here and sell their antiques and collectibles. No junk here. Cool crocks, hat boxes, old books, just everything.
The store is clean and neat, and doesn't smell moldy and dusty like some antiquey stores.

Even beautiful old doorknobs.
I think this will be one of my go-to places to browse and window-shop. I can't really get much more "stuff" into my house; we don't have space. But I love to look :) And the scent of the store was appealing -- they must've had some neat candle burning somewhere. And the music was lovely, old '40s romantic tunes. And ceiling fans humming overhead. It was relaxing. If you're ever in the New Bern area, plan to visit Kirkman's -- it's worth it.


  1. Great finds. I love browsing in this type of shop, especially if it smells nice!

  2. Lovely haul you've found. I am soooo jealous. There is nothing like that mall anywhere here. There used to be one down is Sydney, but I'm not even sure its still there.

  3. How fun! I love the dusty smell of antique malls and markets! Weird, I know! I love the egg cups you found! Adam looks like he's having fun, too! Love to you, sweet friend!

  4. Oh, how fabulous! I love places like this. I haven't been on an antique hunt in awhile; I need to go!

  5. Four beautiful egg cups! What a fun place. I look forward to seeing close-ups of your treasures! :)

  6. My favorite kind of place next to the thrift store. I see a few things I would love to have a closer look at. :)

  7. I think that is a good idea for this kind of store to have a candle burning to make the place smell good. It would make the goods seem more valuable to me. :-)


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