Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's Been a Few Years ...

... since I watched football. I grew up with lots of football. I was the only girl (and youngest) of five children. Each brother had a favorite team. Whether I liked it or not, I understood the game as well as an uninterested teenaged girl possibly could.
For about nine years we haven't had television. It's voluntary, plus we don't want to go to the bother or expense. And we won't pay for cable or dish or whatever those things are. Poor Adam. I think he's missed his football occasionally, but he doesn't complain.
But tonight? is broadcasting the Super Bowl game on their website, for free :) We're watching it as I type. We did a first, and planned some game nibbles. We made Jo-Lynne's famous Jalapeno Popper Dip (click over and get this recipe!), perfect with just the right amount of hot. Really delish! And a layered Mexican dip. We ousted the puppies from the couch and brought the food into the living room, of course.
Mexican dip on the left, Jalapeno dip on the right
Neither dish was big, but with only the three of us, we couldn't finish them, so into the frig they went. Adam says we need to fast tomorrow. I'm thinking ... an egg for breakfast, a bowl of applesauce for lunch, a bowl of some thin soup for dinner. I'll be starving by bedtime! Haha -- I'm sure we won't actually do that.
Julia's sitting here too, which is very sociable for a teenager, I must say. She liked the Mexican dip, and she's delightfully playing Runescape again, after a few years of ignoring that particular game. I've spent the evening with one eyeball on the football game and one eyeball on Susan Branch's blog. And both hands crocheting the stripey blanket when not typing.
And typing is slightly slowed. Last night I wanted a slice of bread and was careless with the knife. I really sliced into the my left thumb.
The instant I cut it and saw blood, I applied hard pressure to the spot, preventing any more bleeding at all. I kept this up for about 20 minutes, until I could be sure the wound would not bleed if I put a kleenex on it. Before bed I put a big dollop of my green goo "plantain salve" on it, and then wrapped it up as you see above. By morning it had healed beautifully and I was able to play the piano in church this morning, thankfully! I do think this salve does wonders for healing skin ... whether it be a burn, or a cut (as long as it's healed enough not to be open or bleed), or a rash. I keep it in the bathroom and use it often. I also applied it to my elbow generously after I fell off my bike a couple of weeks ago and had two big strawberry-scrapes on it. The salve really helped it heal quickly and cleanly. So nice!
Did you watch the Super Bowl? How are you surviving the winter doldrums?


  1. You remind me of myself in this post! I've cut myself before and have handled it myself. How exciting that the plantain salve works so well!

    I wouldn't miss tv if it went away. All I ever watch is "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Downton Abbey!

    Those dips look wonderful!

  2. Hi there! Mmm, your dinner looks good. We also don't have a TV, I only watch Doctor Who or The Apprentice on iplayer on the computer.
    can't say I saw the Superbowl being a UKer BUT the rector from my church team ministry WON two tickets and an allexpenses paid trip to the US for the superbowl. How amazing is that?! He couldn't believe it!x

  3. Those dips look great! I didn't watch the superbowl, I was too busy watching Bones on Netflix.

    I'm surviving winter by crocheting with pretty colors! xD I'm glad you didn't cut your finger too badly. A few years ago my mom managed to cut her finger down to the bone while slicing up chicken and she didn't even realize it till it started to bleed. >.< Kitchen knives can be so dangerous!

  4. Since dear hubby went to heaven I hardly watch TV. Certainly not football! ;)
    I do like some HGTV, and I check out The Weather Channel in the morning. I do most of my "watching" on my laptop. Downton Abbey has been interesting. A gal at work sliced off part of the side of her finger with the meat slicer. She's missed a couple of days at work. She could use some of your goo! So nice to have your family all together enjoying good snacks and entertainment of all kinds! :)

  5. Our Jenny LOVES the salve! I will send you my deo money soon! I forgot while I was away!


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