Friday, February 27, 2015

Love Flowers

Last week I photographed my Valentine flowers from Adam before they faded.

I feel my icy winter heart thawing as I look at them.
I have a menagerie of plants by my kitchen window, sitting on a bench and resting on the dining table. They've done well this winter. And my nasturtiums are very happy indeed. They just want to be outdoors like the rest of us.
This is a lemon-scented plant I bought last fall.
Icy trees from a few days ago. Thankfully, all is melted now. Tomorrow will be cold (high of 38ยบ), but Sunday and following should warm up nicely. I'm so glad!


  1. I am so impressed because i a uterlyrubbish with plants. It's all I can do to keep four people going without fading,and we didn't even manage that this week!!

  2. Gorgeous colours. I can't wait for the summer. It has been a very cold winter here this year. My daffs and snowdrops cheer me up and I have just noticed new growth on my rose bushes. Roll on summer.

  3. Lovely flowers. I do love pink so. Supposed to warm up here as well. Today's the last cold one for a bit, but might be rainy. Ok by me, as long as it's warmer. Sunny now!

  4. Beautiful and summery! Our snow, all 7 inches of the unwelcome stuff, is melting like crazy right now. Good riddance. (Raking and shoveling out the donkey pasture was, shall we say, very interesting today.)


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