Friday, February 20, 2015


I finished the stripey blanket for Philip and Kara! Yay! It was a fun project again this year. I hope they like it.
Honestly, it might be a bit colorful for Philip's tastes. Hmm.
And now, for giggles, here is LAST YEAR'S blanket:
I planned on a beige border, but in the end, I had just enough of the light blue, which I definitely prefer. Just enough, as in ... I had about a foot of yarn left when I finished the border. Yikes! I live dangerously - haha :)
The border on this blanket pattern is my favorite part. It's three rows of single crochet, so it takes some time, but it's good and stiff and stabilizes the blanket. And the picot trim pattern is so nice.
Truly, the blanket is probably for Kara, since men don't usually like such things. But really it just is a labor of love, telling them how pleased I am at their upcoming wedding.

So after its photo shoot, I folded it carefully and placed it in a clean plastic bag. I'll need to take it to my friend Linda at the post office and decide the best way to ship it.
After the blanket was finished yesterday, I quickly crocheted a pair of smittens for a lady at the farmers' market who wanted a pair, but whose hands would not fit in the selection I had already.
And then my weary thumbs had a rest as I returned to what feels good to my hands: knitting. Crochet is hard on my thumbs. They ache and sometimes have sharp twinges, after lots of crocheting. Knitting is easier on them, somehow.
I'm making a quick little dish cloth in cotton yarn.
This pattern is so easy and can be adjusted larger to make a baby blanket. It has a little yarn-over pattern around the edge. I'm using size 7 needles. The yarn is Lily's "Sugar and Cream," the color is Barnboard Twists.
Who doesn't need a few clean dish cloths?


  1. Oh how beautiful it is! You are really clever! They couldn't possibly be anything less than delighted. Lovethe smittens too. xx

  2. What a fun package to receive! You will be a wonderful mother-in-law, Mary Kathryn :)

  3. The blanket is a masterpiece! You do such beautiful work, M.K. I'm impressed with your gift of skill. The Lord has blessed us all with such things, and I love seeing yours!

  4. I love both of those blankets you've made M.K. So colourful and joyful. I am sure both of them will love it and realise the effort you have made for them.

  5. The big blanket has turned out beautifully. I'm sure they will both appreciate it. I like the dishcloth pattern. I have used that in the past to make a full size lap blanket. It was very therapeutic.

  6. The stripey blanket came out great. I'm sure it will be deeply appreciated.

    My hands really hurt, especially the right one when doing too much crocheting. This hand/arm was damaged in car accident in 2000, and I believe I've got arthritis or tendonitis in the hand. Very stiff and hurts to bend fingers. :-(

    I need to knit a few dish cloths myself, just don't do too much at any one sitting, although that's hard to do.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. Both of the stripey blankets are gorgeous! You're an amazing crocheter! Kara will be so tickled! :)

  8. Love the blankets!! A great gift for the newlyweds! My daughter, the knitter, says she prefers crochet for blankets because knitting a blanket takes sooo long:)

  9. I hope they love it! I certainly do. Your question about whether it is too colorful...well, is color now girly? I don't think so.


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