Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Winter Hum-Drums

I have little excuse for myself regarding my blogging absence. The winter days seem to slip by ... plop ... plop .. plop. There's little to write about. I'm crocheting. I'm on row 119 of 131 on the Stripey Blanket. Adam and I went on our Valentine's date two days early because we had a lovely church supper on Saturday evening. Quite a nice turn-out, considering the frigid temperatures and gusty winds.
Most of those seed packets said I would wait for a week or two before germination, but look what showed up yesterday:
Baby zinnias, coming up in the warmth of my kitchen! That didn't take long.
Adam and I discovered a new, extremely good Mexican place on Valentine's -- Cilantro's Mexican Grill. He had three tacos with "pastor" meat -- seasoned pork cooked on an open spit.
 I had a chimichanga plate. Both were very, very good, prepared by hand right there. Best Mexican in New Bern, hands down.
 Adam has been perfecting his whole wheat blueberry scones. Very healthy, low-sugar, low-cal.
 Another dish he prepared twice recently is a simple roasted vegetable supper. Apparently, boiling or steaming some veggies is exactly the worst way to cook them. It robs them of flavor and ensures the eater will loathe them. He seasoned potato wedges, broccoli, and cauliflower in olive oil, Mrs. Dash, and salt. He cooks them at 450ยบ on a cookie sheet -- potatoes first for 10 minutes, then add the broccoli and cauliflower for 5 minutes, and pop the tomatoes in last as you crank the oven up to hi broil. The blast of heat is what ensures great flavor. Don't burn them. Serve with a ranch dip if you like. This meal is quick, easy, and high in protein.

 Beau says this winter weather is so snoozy.
 He curls into his daddy's lap.
We had such gorgeous, balmy weather last weekend, remember? I even found some daffodils blooming.
 And a brave crocus.
 We have ice and snow on the way, so they may get zapped.
My dear one brought me flowers for Valentine's. We had a lovely, love-filed Day-of-Love this year.
 He's a sweetie. We both agree we've changed in startling ways over 25 years, but we're thankful for all the changes, for all the love and patience with each other. I wouldn't trade him :)
While rummaging in the garage looking for an egg cup (long story ...), I found a few pictures of Philip and Anna when they were little, probably the Easter when Peter was born. Philip was 3 and Anna was 2.
Adam and I visited an elderly couple in our church, married in 1955, the same year my parents were married. We sat around their table and looked at their wedding photos, but these were not just any photos. They were taken with a 3-D camera and the Kodachrome film was put onto slides. Each slide has two images, and when viewed in the special viewer, the effect is astounding -- pristine, brightly-colored, fine-grained 3-D images. Each one looks like a perfect diorama. We were mesmerized with viewing them. Our wedding photos look rather tame and lifeless by comparison. Still, I dug around and pulled out my favorite one, Adam and I in the car as we're about to drive off after the reception. We were so young, so fresh in marriage.
So there's a catch-up for you. It may be another five days before I post again! We're hunkering down and hibernating in this cold weather. Stay warm out there, folks!


  1. What a 'sweet' post dear MK. You are keeping your love alive and that is wonderful.

    Love & hugs to the both of you. Keep warm, spring will be here before long.


  2. These are gorgeous photos! I'm so fed-up with being cold and wrapped in layers that I can't bear to put a coat on now- even though it is not yet less cold!

  3. Oh LOOK at you two! You are SO pretty (still are!) and Adam looks very debonaire!
    You're doing well with that blanket- nearly at the end.
    I love roasting vegetables - that definitely is the best way to cook them though can't say I've ever ROASTED broccoli! very intrigued.
    Mmmm, your dinner looks fabulous and I am so impressed with Adam's baking prowess!xx

  4. You two are such a cute couple...then and now! :) Sorry if the cold zaps your flowers. We don't expect flowers around here for ages!


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