Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aboard the Anne

You never know what you'll come upon while biking in Oriental. Today I found the Anne, hailing from Mystic, Connecticut.
She's an oyster boat. When I just typed her name into Google, I found quite a lot about her! You can read here, here, and here. In Mystic they have a boat parade! What a grand idea!
Well, today Miss Anne (pronounced "Annie") was visiting the town dock in Oriental.
Her skipper graciously gave me permission to take photos and to climb aboard, so I did.
She's bedecked with flags.
What a pretty pilot house ~
A sign on either side of the pilot house gives information about the old girl, built in 1884. She's looking great for a woman of such an age.
On the deck is a friendly picnic table.
Like any really good boat, she has a resident doggie. I think his name is Reeve. He's a gorgeous Golden with massive paws and a friendly bark. Reminded me of Billie the Sailor dog :)
The owner was giving a tour to a couple. I didn't want to stick around that long or invade their conversation.

I took a quick photo of the cool cabin. There's also a very comfy bunk up in the pilot house.
Don't know her destination, but glad she stopped by! Happy sailing, Anne!


  1. I really enjoyed looking around the Anne. What a great looking boat!

  2. Interesting. Thanks for taking us on a little tour.


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