Friday, March 13, 2015

White Peaks

Some of you in cold mountain places have a different kind of white peaks around. But here in Oriental, mid-March means sailing weather is back! We saw a fleet of white-sailed sunfishes on the river too, probably a college team practicing.
We've had warm, windy weather. Life is busy. I'm playing the piano more these days, helping accompany Oriental's community chorus. I can feel the school year ramping up for a finish as Julia and I begin covering the last big chunks of literature.
Tomorrow Oriental will enjoy the annual Chowder Cook-off, a fund-raiser for the Women's Club. Adam joined the ranks of cooks who'll bring a five-gallon pot of homemade chowder for folks to sample. Each eater pays $10 and gets a small cup of chowder from each contributor; this year 21 cooks will bring chowder to be tasted. Each one cooks to represent a local business or organization, and of course, Adam is cooking for Pamlico Presbyterian Church. A few other church members are helping as well.
Adam, Edrae, Garland -- chowder cooks for this year
I hope your week's been good, and your weekend promises warm winds and good food, as ours does! Happy Ides of March :)


  1. We just had a chili cook-off in our town. I guess it depends on what region you live in! Enjoy your good busyness...and the chowder! :)

  2. What a great idea for a fund raiser! Good on you Adam for volunteering as Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. What sort of chowder are you doing? Hope you raise heaps.

  3. Have fun today with the Chowder Cook Off.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oooh --- chowder! Y'all always do such interesting things.

    Nice photo of the sailboats --- yes, spring is here!

  5. What kind of chowder will Adam make? Sounds like a really fun and delicious event. Love those clouds and choppy seas.

  6. For anyone reading here and wondering -- the chowder was a cream base with catfish chunks, onions, potatoes, celery, and little colored peppers. Very nice flavor, although he forgot to add the wine. Next year!


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