Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

Life's been a bit fun-and-frantic of late. The weekend was a KILLER. I had folks over for lunch on Thursday, don't even remember Friday, did Farmers' Market on Saturday, followed immediately by helping Adam in the Oriental Chowder Cook-Off, followed almost immediately by a fellowship dinner at church. Then it was up for church on Sunday with all that involves, preparing for a friend's birthday in the afternoon, and enjoying said friend's birthday party all Sunday evening, into the wee hours. (Crash into bed.) Monday, in addition to homeschooling, I prepped and taught the weekly ladies' Bible study and went to Community Chorus in the evening. I'm now accompanying some pieces there, so I'd spent many hours last week practicing those. I'm PLUM WORE OUT, as my Appalachian ancestors would say. (All of that was fun, mind you. I'm not complaining! It was just too much fun.)

Today I'm vegetating.

Here are some random photos. Do with them what you will!
 Julia went clothes shopping with her own money. I told her to enjoy that lithe figure while she has it.
 Her daddy was talking at her.

The Chowder Cook-Off

Birthday party nibbles.
 Birthday party game, and the reason we were up SO late.
 Birthday girl
Somebody at Sailcraft Marina is building this in the boat yard. It's not a house boat. It's on wheels. We have no idea why it's there. It's right next to the lift. ???

 "Simply Scuppernong" -- People have the funniest boat names.
 Today I'm relaxing by watching bees buzz.
 Sweet Hubby brought me a cup of coffee. Ahhh. I'll get back to you ....


  1. Love Julia's skirt....so pretty! So, who won the chowder cookoff? I'm pushing for a vegetative day later this week - one in which I can work on completely unnecessary sewing and knitting and maybe a blog post of such things! Mexican train is one of my faves!

  2. You're like Queenie, watching the bees!
    Julia is so cute! I love her hair!
    Is there any chowder left? I'd like some!

  3. I love your daffodils banner. I must take some photos of mine before they droop.

  4. That does sound busy! Poor but lucky you!!!
    Julia looks great- that skirt, belt and top are a super combo! Nautical modern chic!x

  5. Fun and busy stuff! Julia is such a lovely young woman.

  6. Julia looks so grown up. I swear she has grown since we met last year! Good on you for taking the time to relax. Not enough people do that.

  7. Let me pull up a seat bside you, or maybe slightly further from the hives!

  8. You need a little relaxation time with the bees and your cup of coffee! :) Julia looks very grown up in that outfit. Yes, indeed. Enjoy the figure while you have it! Hope you get a chance to catch your breath. ;)

  9. Oh, I understand fun and frantic. The days are flying by. Julia looks very pretty in her new outfit!


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