Monday, March 2, 2015

Gifts from Friends

I have such sweet friends. Yesterday at church, a friend gave me these because she knows I love egg cups. Lookie!!
Aren't they darling? For dinner last night, I had two soft-boiled eggs so I wouldn't have to choose.
They were delicious :)
Another very good friend (and cousin!) who lives in Texas has given me some of the most amazing yarn. This particular skein looks like the sea to me -- pale greens, blues, grays.
Very special yarns like these I am cautious with. They're not like yarn from Michael's, which I whip up into scarves without thinking, and sell them. Yarn like this should be made into something special, something it was made for. So I wait until the right idea comes to me. I felt this yarn should be a single strand infinity scarf. I made it over the weekend so I can wear it this week ... for what occasion, I'll tell you later.
It's a very bulky yarn. I did a yarn-over pattern in repeated rows, a stitch effect that I think works well and makes the scarf look like interwoven waves of ocean water.
This is the kind of yarn it is:

Here are two more skeins my friend gave me. This yarn is breathtakingly gorgeous. I don't want to touch it until I know exactly what it wants to be! It's actually lots of yarn -- 164 yards per skein.
What I really want it to be is a vest of some kind. I've been wanting a vest or two -- simple, long, drapey, with no placket or buttons or anything fancy. The yarn, in this case, would carry all the fancy that a vest could manage! When I find the right pattern, I'll let you know.
Speaking of friends ~
These are the Fearsome Fivesome. This photo was taken last June at my birthday party. We are a zany, wild bunch of women, but we enjoy each other's company and take care of each other. This week ... we're going to the beach together! (And I'm wearing my sea scarf, of course.) One of the ladies has a friend with a beach house, and we'll stay there and R  E  L  A  X. Not all ladies can go to the beach together for three days without coming close to murder, but I think we'll do fine. We're used to each other's quirks and love each other anyway. We let each other have private space if we want it. I plan to spend countless hours on the beach, and hopefully a bit of time painting. We're taking along board games and card games. We won't go out much; this will be more of a pajama party kind of thing :) Sounds good to me! I'll try to blog while I'm there, but if I don't have wifi, you'll know where I've disappeared to. Have a lovely week!


  1. What beautiful blessings! Love the egg cups. My chick-a-dee-doo-dahs would surely enjoy having their eggs served that way!

    The yarn is fabulous. I am going to have to learn to knot some day. My grandma used to crochet and tatting. I've done cross-stitch but haven't done it in quite awhile.

    You and your friends are a great-looking group. Fun stuff! Great post!

  2. Those egg cups are adorable!! Love them! And I'm in awe of anyone who can whip
    up a scarf in a weekend. Beautiful yarn, too.
    And how much fun to have a long beach weekend with good friends. Enjoy, M.K.!

  3. Beautiful yarn! Getting away for a little R&R with girlfriends sounds like fun! I know you will enjoy your time with them!


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