Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When You Live By Water ..

Sails float past unexpectedly.
Roads stick up in the air so masts can pass under.
One sign of spring here is when the sailboats -- the "cruisers" -- return in the spring. They've spent the cold winter in the Caribbean or the Keys. Now they're back, on their way north to the Chesapeake or the Cape.
So we have a boat in the anchorage, the first in months.
I stood on the end of the dinghy dock to photograph that boat out there. Then I turned to walk back to the road. And as I came to the end of the dinghy dock, I noticed this: a sandal, pegged to the dock with a big nail. What in the world?!
So ... I turned to keep walking, but then my brain, being a rather weird brain, wondered this: if one sandal was nailed on one side of the dock, then maybe ...?
Oh yes. On the other side was its mate. And in a bizarre way, it was comforting to know that some other brain in the world is as nutty as mine.
And there are boats in the harbor, sailboats, powerboats.
His and Her powerboats? That doesn't quite seem like it would work. Two couples with twin boats? I guess some people get along well enough to travel that way!


  1. It's fun to think of cruisers coming back north for summer. It reminds of of campers (RV-ers) who drive south to Arizona for the winter and return home to us in spring and summer. Cool photos.

  2. How delightful to share your spring day! My favorite season!

  3. During the winter months the intracoastal waterway docks are filled down here. Once the snowbirds head back home, around Easter, the traffic will be a lot less.

    You live in such a nice little town.

    Happy Spring and living by the water ~FlowerLady

  4. That is really odd about the sandals. You live in a very pretty area.


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