Saturday, September 19, 2015

Homemade Play-Dough

I feel like such an elementary teacher (which I've never been, except at home), but here's yet another typical teacher post about a good craft product. A teacher at work shared her recipe for homemade play-dough. I made it, and the kids love it. It turns out pale.
Here's the recipe:
The mixture, which I made in my stand mixer, is nearly a liquid, very gloopy. I recommend putting the food coloring in while it's liquid before you cook it.
I recommend cooking it in a skillet on the stove top on low heat. It thickens quickly; stir it faithfully.
My friend said to use icing color, and it worked well, but it's hard to find in lots of colors (at least at our WalMart).
We already had red at home. I bought green and brown as well.
Very nice texture.
The icing color is a sticky paste. The second time I made this play-dough, I used regular liquid food coloring in the plastic bottles, and it worked very well too. That gave me yellow and blue too.
I put the balls in ziplocs. The kids have been so happy to play with it. I gave them plastic knives and some other pressing tools. They loved making fake food. They even "cooked" for me :)

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  1. Another fun project. Lovely for squishing fingers in. Are you doing an after-school program? I didn't catch what the actual job is.


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