Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beauty Above and Below

Saturday evening at twilight we gathered in the field, anticipating the full lunar eclipse.
Adam built a fire in the fire pit. We ate smores. He and Julia sat there for hours, nibbled by insects, enjoying an event he's been longing to see all his life.

Don't get your hopes up. My phone camera was not up to the task of capturing any decent pictures of the eclipsing moon. It was fascinating to see, especially the first half of the partial eclipse when the moon was clearly not any shape it is normally supposed to be.

Beside my front porch are a few rose bushes, including one yellow. It's still blooming.

And some truly impressive rose hips! Years ago in Statesville I tried making rose hip tea from the hips of my Rugosa rose bushes. (I still miss them so much!) You can read about that disappointing adventure here.


  1. I think we might have crab apples outside our front door. I can't imagine doing anything that wouldn't be disappointing with them!

    1. I've always made crab apple jelly out of them, Mags! Boil them up whole, then strain the juice through cheesecloth and use to make jelly. Always turned out great! :)

  2. I'm glad you had such a good view of the eclipse. Our skies were cloudless as well. I saw the moon change shape but just had to sleep before it turned red. Oh, well. I know it happened!

  3. I saw the moon eclipsed, but had to go to bed before it re-emerged from the shadow. My kids had a fire and smores, too. :) I dried some rose hips years ago (wild roses) and put them in a jar. Alas, I never used them for anything.

  4. We were under cloud cover so didn't get to see the lunar eclipse. Glad you celebrated it with S'mores with your family.

    Lovely yellow rose and nice hips. I've collected rosehips too but didn't take all the seed business out. Just crushed everything and put them into teabags. It sure takes a long steep to get the goodness out of those hips.

  5. Still you made it a lovely evening to enjoy. - We managed to remember to go outside and at least see a part of the eclipse. - Pretty yellow rose. I still have roses blooming as we are still in the 70's during the day here.

  6. We had a very cloudy evening, and only saw bits and pieces of the eclipse. Glad for you all, getting to witness the whole event.


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