Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spin Art

What happens when you mix paper plates, 15-year-old tempera paints, and a salad spinner?
Oh, and about ten kids ...? Well, the paint bottles were a bit worse for the wear when we finished.
And I don't think my salad spinner will ever be the same. It did wash up nicely, but it was mighty tired of spinning.
Here's some of the art the kids made. Glop lots of paint in the middle of the plate, put it in the spinner, and spin away ...

Some added sparkly craft sand to their plates. You can punch a hole in the edge, put a ribbon through, and hang them up too.
You can visit the website where I found this idea -- here.
This was a very fun, if messy, activity, but tempera paints clean up very well. They loved it.


  1. WHAT a fun idea, good teacher! What a blessing that must have been for them, so nonthreatening and creative!

  2. Goodness, they are gorgeous! Shame I don't have a salad spinner...

  3. How cool is that!

    Now I know what to do with my salad spinner. :-)

  4. Extreme bravery ---- that's what you have! Great project! Good job, Mrs. Teacher Lady.

  5. What fun and a great idea. The last one is my favorite.


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