Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Dream Job

After that last post I wrote about how I handle (or don't handle) work stress, a friend asked me honestly about it. Could I identify exactly what stresses me about my various jobs? I ruminated on that one. Here's what I decided stresses me:
1. Working with lots of people
2. Having to service or help or work for lots of people
3. The pressure of having my job performance on display at all
4. Being responsible for other people
5. Being in conflict with others, correcting or assessing them
6. Being in charge of groups of people
7. Too much talking, interaction, or responding to questions or requests
8. Being confined to one area

Basically, at work I will thrive if I'm allowed to be the introvert I am. But I've always had jobs that surround me with people. Even the office jobs I've had (college student development office, and a Christian education office in a church) surrounded me with people.

My dream job would:
1. Give me a handful of other people around me, but we would be on the same level of employment/responsibility. We would not be each others' subordinates or bosses.
2. Allow me to do lots of organization of lots of stuff
3. Ideally, would put me in charge of a large inventory of beautiful things: books, art, documents, old objects, I don't care. I find objects to be utterly non-stressing. It doesn't disturb me at all to handle lots of money or valuable things.
4. Not make me work utterly alone; I need to have some people nearby. Otherwise I get lonely, depressed and creeped out at being alone.
5. I'd love working at a library or a museum, or even managing inventory or documents for a business or office. Managing a bookstore would be a dream, as long as there weren't too many customers - haha :)

Does this give my readers any ideas about what I should pursue? My training is all in teaching and music, and both of those fields seem to cause me stress. (Ugh. Poor choices maybe?) Time for an abrupt career change-of-directions?


  1. I used to dream of being a research librarian...

  2. Well, you have passed step one with flying colours. You have identified not only what stresses you out but also what you would like in a job. Now all that is left is to find the right job for you. Easy Peasey. Heh heh.

  3. I work in a library. The customers can sometimes be lovely, but at other times very demanding. In my part of the world it is no longer a secure job as libraries are closing down. My job will probably disappear next year. I made sure my daughter did not follow me into this profession. I don't want to disillusion you. There are many worse jobs. I lasted one term as a teaching assistant a few years ago!

  4. I believe the Lord will show you what He wants you to do with your time. He knows you need a little money. You are privileged to have many people before you in great need of love. You are very good at loving.

  5. I share a lot of your stressors. I remember a job I didn't mind at all. It was my first "real" job at the age of 18. I worked in a business that sold ski wear and gear for bike racers. (Boulder, CO-1975) I was in the warehouse where I filled orders all day. There were maybe 3 other people who worked with me. After a while they decided I was needed in the office, which I didn't mind, but I really liked working among the racks of clothes filling orders. I know, it was kind of a hideout for an introvert and I don't know of any businesses like that in my area. I think a bookstore would be better than a library, because of the concerns Una mentioned. Our little library can be very busy, and probably stressful. I will watch with interest what everyone comes up with!

  6. I have worked in schools my whole life, but worked for a few years in the local university library- two nights a week. Out of everything that was my favourite, favourite job. Apart from my first school, which was semi-rural, sort of comprehensive and in a very lovely town. In a library you have some time chatting at the desk, lots of time shelving in the stacks, dealing with customers in little spurts. And having thousands of books literally at your fingertips. In a few years when the boys are independent at holiday times, I am going to look for a library job. Information Assistant level- not librarian!

  7. I know I'm a couple of months behind in reading this (this semester of college has been insane) But I just wanted to say thanks! Your list of stressors matches mine almost perfectly. I've held three jobs in the past 7 years and all three of them stressed me out to the max, but until this moment I didn't realize that maybe I just needed a job that allowed me to be the introvert that I am, as you stated. Knowing and understanding that makes me feel SO much better (and less of a failure). And I think it's really going to help me in my search for a job next semester.

    I don't have any advice, but I know God can help in mysterious ways!


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