Monday, October 26, 2015

Old Years

I opened an old tub full of documents. Right on top, I found three old calendars. I used to keep these Lang Folk Art Calendars. (Here's their website, if you'd like to look at more.)I think they're a little expensive, so I didn't get them every year. These are: 1993, 1997, 2001.
I love the look of the art in the buildings, the trees and landscape. The paper is thick and good quality. The calendars come in a firm envelope (what you're seeing above), so they are protected.
2001 calendar
1997 calendar
1993 calendar, the one I chose to put up on the back porch where I'll see it.
Why did I open it to February? I don't know! Look at the sleigh ride.
And the impressive red barn:
And the neighborhood, soft with snow:
So I turned over to October and found pumpkins!
This is my favorite image so far, the red church, lit with Christmas cheer. And the blue farmhouse in the background is darling too.
Very farmish, outdoorsy pictures.
I am sticking to my farmish commitment of hanging clothes out to dry and saving that dab of electricity.
Do you save pretty calendars from years gone by? I can't bear to throw the truly nice ones away. What do you like in a calendar (besides the usual days and months, I mean)? And I'm wondering ... Is keeping these calendars all these years another demonstration of my bad habit of pack-ratting?


  1. I do love calendars with beautiful art, like these. Right now I just have a tiny calendar I got from a ministry I donated to. I'm hoping to get something prettier for the new year. You're a good girl, saving on electricity! ;)

  2. They are truly beautiful calendars. No, I don't save calendars but then I've never had one as nice as those! I used to get the linen year calendars and then used them as dish cloths, but haven't had one in years.

  3. I love their calendars as well! I don't save the whole thing, but I usually clip the little pictures on the back. They're just the right size for my miniature buildings.

  4. I don't buy calendars at all. Once in a while I am given one for Christmas, but then I have nowhere to hang it.
    I never use a dryer. Why waste the electricity? They are expensive to run and the outside air is free. Besides clothes never smell fresh if they have come out of a dryer.

  5. I used to have "pretty calendars" but now I'm preferring fairly plain calendars with large, legible numbers and big squares for writing stuff.

  6. P.S.
    I love hanging out the laundry. Glad you are appreciating the thrifty savings and fresh-air smell!

  7. My husband and I 80% of the time would get a calendar with big squares for the days, and California landscapes. That was after the early years when I made my own for several months in advance. I save every calendar and occasionally go back through them to write down family history notes. I will probably start buying art calendars...maybe Carl Larsson. :-)

    1. HI, GJ! I just looked at images of those Larsson calendars -- gorgeous! I might prefer those to my Lang ones. I love Larsson's colors and his themes. (I'm responding here rather than via email because your comments come to my email as "no-reply." Not sure if you knew that.)


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