Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Well, Hello, Maggie!

 Disregard the ugly floors that have yet to be refinished. That may happen sometime in the next decade.
 She's sweet, shy, people-loving, tender, quiet, and smart. She's very interested in Sandy and Beau, but they are keeping some   d   i   s   t   a   n   c   e   from her! They're trying to figure this new situation out.
Maggie will be (we hope) our farm dog, to live inside the pasture/field, protect the chickens and chase off deer. Adam is good at training dogs, so I'm hoping this plan will work.
 Yes, that's my finger. Ouch.

Now that Adam has succeeded in getting THREE dogs, I think he hopes he'll never, ever have to leave the farm again ... haha!!


  1. Ahhh she is ADORABLE ! what floors?
    best D x

  2. Oh, how exciting! And isn't she a cutie pie! Wow, M.K. A new baby.

  3. Oh, yeah! I forgot you're a three dog family now! There will be the inside dogs and the outside dog. Should be interesting. I know there is a breed raised specifically for looking after sheep, chickens, etc. I wonder how little Maggie will take to the training. Have fun! :)

  4. Too precious for words. May she be a breed who doesn't want to chase the chickens. Our Shepherd was bad for that, but Romeo, who we believe is part Catahoula, is great with them.

  5. Maggie is a cutie! She'll have a great life there on the farm.

    I have old lino tiles in the bedroom. It's the one room we had on our list to put down faux wood flooring, like in the hall, living room and kitchen, but alas. The flooring is stacked in the workshop. I have antique rugs covering the tiles.

    Enjoy fall at the farm with your newest family member. I'm sure Maggie will give you much to laugh about. I look forward to watching her grow.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Awww, how cute!!! What a sweetie pie!x


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