Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesdays in Town

On Wednesdays I take Julia to her college classes in New Bern. I try to occupy myself for a few hours. Last week I spent most of the time at the local shopping mall. These malls are struggling to make ends meet. I found two works plastering over a large section of wall. (Sorry about poor quality photo.)
I asked, and they said this had been a store front. But the store closed and the mall couldn't find a new tenant, even with the holiday season coming. They don't want people seeing a vacant spot, so they're paying to have it finished over.
I bought a pair of work shoes, since I'm on my feet much of the time, and legs were aching. These are Sketchers with memory foam, on sale. Wonderful!
Other empty walls nearby are covered with large photos of the New Bern police department from various years. The one you see here looks very like Andy Griffith and Barney Fife.
A little branch of the police force has a presence here in the mall. When I go there on Wednesday mornings, its populated with elderly walkers and ladies waiting for their crocheting class at Michael's. No criminals around.
(Evidently our mall was in a bit of bother because it swiped a photographer's picture. You can read his response here.)
My contact photo on my phone was Awful! It was a random photo I took of myself while learning how the phone worked. So I sat in the car and took more selfies to replace it. Julia caught me. She reprimanded me. "Mom! Are you taking selfies? Stop it!"
I put on lip stick and combed my hair. In other words, I tried! I still think I'm looking rather aged.
Anyway, THIS week (today), I parked at the college and looked at the autumn leaves, enjoying Christmas music and knitting away. It was quite calm.

I took along my warm chai and Adam's pumpkin scones. I did drift to the mall briefly, found some marked-down yarn at Michael's, clearance shoes at Shoe Dept., and a couple of Christmas presents for the girls with my Michael's coupons. Yes, I've started light Christmas shopping.
And here's the short list of a few books I want for Christmas. I put them here so I won't forget them when Adam asks, "What Do You Want For Christmas?":
Susan Branch's latest book -- it sounds so fun!
 These two Elizabeth Goudge books seem to me to be her best. I've read Green Dolphin Street and The Dean's Watch. Loved them both. These are hard to find el-cheapo, but they are on Amazon for $13-$16 each.
What's on your Christmas list? Are you shopping yet?


  1. I like the idea of knitting, drinking tea and eating scones while waiting for Julia. Sounds very relaxing! The EG books look good. I don't do a lot of heavy Christmas shopping. Just for the smallest grands. And maybe a little something for myself. :) Are you still working at the school?

  2. The mall I was at yesterday here had a couple stores closed too. Must be hard to keep a business going now a days.
    Those shoes sure look comfy.

  3. I find it interesting that you say the mall is struggling. Wonder why? We have a couple within striking distance - the one nearest is about 10 minutes drive, the other 40 minutes. Both do an absolute roaring trade. Nice shoes!

  4. I worked in a mall before marriage and there were no empty shops and it was booming. All businesses seemed to be booming back then. Things have changed and with the economy being what it is it's amazing anyone stays in business. A lot of people shop online these days too.

    Your time of waiting for Julia with your chai tea, Christmas music and knitting sounds very relaxing to me.

    Happy Fall dear M.K. ~ FlowerLady

  5. I like your selfie. You look lovely, not aged.
    One of my favorite books is The Scent of Water. I hope you get it for Christmas!
    Chai tea and scones sound nice.


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