Sunday, October 18, 2015

The 2nd Annual Ol' Front Porch Music Festival

This year Oriental's music festival grew up quite a bit! Last year it was an experiment that went better than anybody could have hoped. This year, the people in charged decided to plan and organize!
This year I didn't walk the whole route and listen to all the music on every porch. I spent my time at a friend's house on the waterfront, listening to her porch band, "The Paradise Band."
And we enjoyed the shade of her huge live oak trees.
At the edge of her yard were the antique cars parked for the car show, and beyond that the water sparkled.
Recently a family spruced up this lovely old home. Its front was the main stage, but there were dozens of porch stages along Broad Street, Hodges Street, and other spots in the village.
Folks sat in chairs along the sidewalk, clapping along.
I believe this was "Salt Water Gold," playing at the Cartwright House, a local B&B.
Meanwhile the food vendors on Broad Street were feeding hungry masses. Adam is there, tending a pan of bratwurst. He's in the red shirt. There were excellent craft vendors too.

And do you see that rig for cooking? It's two large grills, pulled behind a pick-up truck on a trailer. Mr. K. (in the black hat) calls this into service several times a year.
That's a brat from Morgan Meats. It was fabulous -- their pigs are grown healthily, without chemicals or hormones.
Mr. K. had this contraption on the front of his grill. He inserts a raw potato, pushes the plunger down, and it cuts it into fries. He deep fries them in the grill.
The festival was much larger this year, and I could feel the tendency toward more serious organization. There was fund-raising beforehand, and they charged for some things. They had a big band finale at night, extending the hours from last year. I want this festival to retain its family-feel, but Oriental is a fun-loving, partying town that loves to throw a shin-dig. And it's full of people who love to be in charge. I may remember last year as the most fun music festival, but this year was certainly a great band event. If you're looking for a perfect-weather weekend to visit, enjoy lots of free entertainment, and get a feel for the village, this is it!


  1. That looks like SO much, food, great weather, nice porches. I hate to break it to you but EVERY town as people who want to be in charge...and get their knickers in a right royal twist should someone intervene without being ask or, better yet, told what they can do to help.
    egos, egos, egos. they're everywhere!

  2. So cool! I hope they don't improve the fun and small-town feel out of it. :)

  3. That is different and looks like a lot of fun.
    Sometimes things change too much when it becomes too organized.

  4. It sounds a wonderful event and I LOVE the chip making contraption!x

  5. 'Tis the season! What delights --- music, food, friends.


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