Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Different Autumn

You know me. I love autumn. Usually by early October I'm crowing about pumpkin bread and loads of knitting and scarves and various kinds of tea. I might share a Victoria magazine or a Robert Frost poem. I've done posts like that, oh yes I have! Last year, Julia and I had an October Party, remember?
I painted a tea party:
In 2013, I blogged about yarn and leaves and temperatures dropping. And mums!!
Let's see, how 'bout 2012? I usually write at least one weird autumn poem.

Enough of that. What about 2015? Why am I not waxing eloquent about strolls in sweaters, visits to garden stores, knitting mittens, painting dead leaves, or sipping tea in long afternoons while watching Tasha Tudor videos?

Because that's not my life right now. Some years are luxurious, and I've had three or four of those. But life changed this year. My homeschooling days are over. The mornings of sitting on the couch with a daughter reading Homer or Chaucer, sipping chai, and planning a walk to the park ... those days are over :(   Kinda sad about that. But life must plow on.

We're rather hurried and scurried this year. Without meaning to, I changed too many things in my life at the same time. I changed my residence, my daughter went off to school, I got a job (and not an easy one), went through some stressors at church, my son got married. Some of those are quite good, some are not, but all are changes.

I look around my house now:
*Boxes. Lots of old, unpacked, damp boxes of keepsakes (junk), treasures (junk), and things not worth hauling into the attic yet again. I'm throwing long-defunct Madame Alexander dolls into the trash can.
*A five-gallon bucket strategically placed to receive rain leaking through the roof.
*Black plastic bags full of coats, blankets, winter scarves and gloves. And no place to put them.
 There's that girl! There's that bucket.
So, life isn't perfect this year. Who can craft a perfect autumn each year? Should I expect that? No. Some periods of life are more chaotic ... even less attractive ... than others. Otherwise, it wouldn't be life.
My sweet Adam, however, persistently tries to brighten my life. He brought me these.
 And he made this for dinner -- Honey-puffed Pancake with bacon and fruit. Delectable!
What a doll he is.
And busy or not, I will knit!!
 We'll see what October offers this year. There may be no time for poems, dry leaves, strolls in sweaters, or certainly watercolor painting. I may only have a moment for reading old Victoria magazines while in the ladies' room. So be it. May October bring pellucid blue skies, repaired roofs, and at least a few spare minutes to enjoy a wisp of yarn or a scrap of poem. Just a scrap :)


  1. You're right. Not every autumn offers the same things. I used to can applesauce like crazy in October, but this year there was a frost and then a hail and there are no apples. I'm not freezing corn either because I still have lots left in the freezer. I have started my fall embroidery during football games though! It's my *knitting.*

    Be blessed in the wisps and scraps you get!

  2. Change is hard, but you've had more than the average person. It will all come together eventually. The roof WILL get fixed. The boxes will get unpacked. Your home will become homier a little at a time. You'll adjust to having less storage space and the decluttering process can be very freeing. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Adam's cooking, flowers and your knitting. Which is gorgeous, by the way! :)

  3. Lots of changes but lots to be thankful for too. What a sweetheart Adam is. : )
    I've just finished knitting another scarf for my scarf project this evening.

  4. Life isn't always a bed of roses, but you make the most of what you are given. This has been a big year of changes for you, and yet, you seem pretty calm at the moment. What treats from Adam, a home cooked supper and a bouquet of flowers. Yay!

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. You've had a LOT of change! I hope that you get that time you need! I can think of one very good change you've had- you've got Anna back with you!!

  6. With puffed pancakes, a little knitting, some flowers -- you squeeze out the beauty as you can. All the work you're facing now will equal even more beautiful autumns in the future as you build your Red Robin Farm. Blessings to you as you cope with this stage right now.

  7. Those dolls might be worth a lot of money...maybe check before you toss them. Or, some little girl at the hospital might be blessed by such a gift.
    Boxes, treasures, junk...Lord have mercy...I DO know what you mean. Showed the farm, again, tonight...everyone wants it, no one wants to buy it. lol
    Praying for a dry week and lots of forward movement.


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