Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tossing Things, Keeping Memories

In an effort to get more storage space in my small house, I've been sorting through old things and getting rid of stuff. Well, some stuff.
Not this blanket. It was made for me when I was a little girl. Perhaps I posted about it before? It's beautifully hand-stitched.

It's in such pretty shape because (honestly) it wasn't my favorite blanket, so I didn't use it much. But because of its handmade beauty, I kept it.
Then there's my Kitty-Cat Blanket, also hand-made. My mother could tell you who made both of these. I can't remember ... some dear old ladies in Charleston, West Virginia, either family members or precious friends.

It's a wee bit tattered and stained, but not in bad shape for over 50 years old. Of course, I'd never part with this one either.
However, there's another blanket, a store-bought blanket. I'm embarrassed to show it. I remember my parents taking me to the store to pick it out. I was three years old. Oh, how I loved the fake quilted pattern! I slept with it every night until it had its own special smell. (haha!)
I slept with it till I wore a big hole right in the middle!
It's a full-sized double blanket, but I kept it (didn't use it, mind you) for FORTY-NINE years, in a little trunk, hauling it from house to house. Eighteen moves in twenty-six years.
Well, at last, it was time to say good-bye to the blanket. First, I cut off a good-sized square from one corner. I'll hem it and make a small doll blanket with it. It has almost no holes (heehee!!)
I'm such a sap. But really, folks, these items have some kind of emotional, spiritual significance to me that perhaps some people don't understand. I identify with the whole Velveteen Rabbit mentality, even though I know it's ridiculous ... that personal items that a child (especially) sleeps with and attaches herself to, and loves, have real significance, there is almost relationship there. So, yes, I kept part of the blanket -- shoot me :) The other 80% of the blanket went into the trash dumpster with my Baby Secret doll and the bag of hairless, limbless Madame Alexander dolls. Each time I walk by the dumpster, I pat it gently and tell them I do still love them. I gave them the blanket remains to help them through the ordeal of transitioning to a life in the landfill. Goodness, that sounds heartless!

I must know ... are there any other 50-something women out there who understand this silliness? Am I the only one?


  1. Old blankets, hand-made blankets ---- so special and well worth keeping.

  2. You have reminded me of a dress I had when I was about 4. I loved it because it was covered with little dogs. Sadly, it was never kept when I outgrew it. I would definitely have kept your cat blanket if I had been lucky enough to own it. The things I keep now are from when my daughter was a baby.

  3. Ha ha! I understand completely! Yes, you MUST keep those handsewn quilts. I think it's a great idea to save a small portion of your old blanket. I thought I had saved a corner of my daughter's blanky, but can't find it now. I'm saving so many photos and other mementos for my kids, but I added a note telling them that they should keep what they really want and get rid of the rest because I don't want them to be burdened with a lot of "stuff" just out of guilt. But I did request that they burn any photos or papers (letters, homeschool papers) they don't want because I can't bear the thought of other people pawing through our memories or of them ending up in the landfill. I have visions of them having a jolly bonfire and roasting marshmallows over the remains or putting them in the woodstove to warm their house. :) It's tough going through a lifetime of memories and making decisions about what to get rid of. You're not silly...or maybe we both are? :D But it is a necessity if you want some elbow room in your cozy little home.

  4. Oh they are all beautiful and I wouldn't be able to part with any of them. : ) There is always room for things like that. Perhaps you could hang one or two on a wall.

  5. I understand and am so glad you kept a piece of that one quilt.


  6. You can't keep everything, but you definitely need to keep some things. Especially that little kitty blanket. So adorable! I keep handmade items, too. The memories that go with them are so special. Books, handmade items, and vintage teacups and linens -- those are the keepers for me. Oh, and a few of my children's baby clothes :)


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