Thursday, April 7, 2016

Apple Blossoms

How many apple trees did I say had survived in our orchard? I don't recall. But only three of them have blossoms this spring. They're all trying to recover from the stress of being overgrown for years, and then being pruned again by us. They put out leaves, but no flowers.
Except three of them:

Apple blossoms are so simple and sweet. Next year -- I hope -- we'll have an orchard full of them.
The bathroom is nearly finished. Adam installed the vent fan and the ceiling light yesterday, and is working on moving the electrical plug by the sink. Fiddly wiring.
We are busy. I'm back into my work schedule until the end of the school year. I also teach a Bible study each week and sing in a local chorale. That concert occurs in a few weeks. I'm also trying to finish up Julia's literature course and French course for this year. Adam does his usual church work and lately has more on his plate in pastoral work, helping people who need help. Julia is flying toward the end of her semester, finishing her junior year. Next month we have Peter's graduation and a family wedding. I always think summer will be calmer and I can get so much done, but somehow it doesn't happen that way! We continue to hunt for a couple of new farm dogs to adopt. Pound dogs are actually pretty expensive these days, especially if you just want a lab mix. Adam keeps an eye on PetFinder and Craigs List.

Except for blogging, I do hardly any writing anymore, which saddens me. In order to write, I think I need more "down time" -- less work and duties and dashing around meeting schedules. And I need a calmer mind too. There are too many stresses in life right now, and the imaginative mind becomes subdued, even dormant, during such times. I do plan  to get back to writing some day.

The farm is looking pretty weedy right now and needs much mowing. But the bees are happily flying around and the plants in the greenhouse are thriving. They will go in the ground in a week or so, and then we'll see how the farm year will prosper.


  1. You are a very busy gal, though it all sounds wonderful.
    How exciting to see those buds on your trees, and how lovely it would be to see even more growth next year.
    Your home seems to be moving right along in its repairs.
    Life can become quite busy that is for sure. I'm like you, I always think the winters will be a time of catching up and having some down time, but not the case. I did take some time away from my blog and life in general to just sit with the Lord for some much needed time, it was amazing, and I realized I was in great need of that time away.
    Enjoy your day~~

  2. I don't know if your Craig's List is like our Gumtree. On there, people can advertise that they are actively looking for something. Maybe it would be an answer to somebody's dreams if you advertised that you are looking to rehome some dogs.

  3. Beautiful photos. There are always delights along the way (in spite of all the work) and blessings to receive. I'm sure that the Lord has just the right dogs for y'all.
    Can't wait to hear that good news! Soon. 8-)

  4. I love apple blossom!! We had to severely prune the apple tree in my new garden this week, it had never been pruned so had a lot of twisted branches!!
    you need time for writing MK- take the time, esp if you're feeing sad about it!!xx

  5. Beautiful apple blossoms! Have the bees found them?

    Maybe you need a sheep or two for mowing your weeds?

  6. The apple blossoms are lovely. Hopefully you'll get some apples to enjoy. Sounds like both you & Adam are quite busy. Do try to take some time for yourself as it's important to stay refreshed in one's own spirit.


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