Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's Growin' on the Farm?

Blue Lake Beans at last!
Golden Wax Beans
Sweet Peas

 I think the above photo is spinach ...
And the below photo is kale. The labels faded and we are left wondering.
 Buttercrunch Lettuce
In the herb bed:
I have lovely basil.
 And mountains of oregano.
And two parsley types, dill, cilantro, sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, lovage, borage, hyssop, chamomile, and chervil. I'm expanding my herb choices. Adam eventually wants an herb bed devoted exclusively to tea herbs.
And I'm thrilled to say that our yard is abundant in plantain! I use it to make a healing salve for burns and skin abrasions. It's wonderful stuff, and now I have my own plantain at hand! I'm even growing my own plantain patch in the shade:

Plantain looks like this:
This is the narrow variety; there's also regular plantain that has wider leaves. The seed stalk looks like this:
Again, I think the regular variety looks different; its seed heads are longer.
Here's a photo of a nice, healthy plantain plant.
My dear sister-in-law Anne gave me several plants about a month ago, and they're doing so well! The yarrow is thriving.
And the hosta is quite large.
My artemisia is growing like mad and making a nice mound. The clumps below are over two feet across.
My other shade bed with lambs' ears, astilbes, and hostas is looking lovely.
This is all quite exciting because I've never had much of a green thumb. My mother is the gardener, and plants just seem to grow to make her happy. I gardened in Iowa, but anybody could grow anything in that soil. Not only the good response of the plants, but also my enjoyment in this hobby, is surprising to me. May it continue!


  1. Hurray for you! You've got a LOT growing there and I can sense your excitement. How neat to have loads of your own plantain growing in your own yard.

    Happy Gardening and have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Wonderful, good things growing. Looks like you have a green thumb to me.


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