Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm Sure You Can Tell ...

... That I'm Busy. Sorry to have been gone so long!

My yellow rose bush is a joy. I feel as if the previous owners of this home have given me so many gifts in the beautiful thing they planted here, everything from the apple trees in the orchard to the daffodil bulbs in the ground.
(I can't get this video to load at all! Ugh.)
While in Oriental last week I videoed this Nonsuch sailboat coming into the town harbor while "Sunscapes" plays in my CD player. Such  a peaceful moment. I love the quiet grace of a sailboat in light wind.

Over the weekend our community choral group gave its spring concerts. I love singing under the direction of the lady we've had for a couple of years, but sadly she is leaving us. She put together such an amazing concert full of quite varied music. I got to accompany on two songs that were fast and rhythmic, and I enjoyed singing a raucous solo in a negro spiritual piece, "He Never Failed Me Yet."
My parents arrive for a brief visit this weekend. Julia's school year is winding down toward finals. Soon we travel west for Peter's college graduation! We skype regularly with Anna to see how she's doing in Japan. I can't wait to see Philip and Kara too, at Peter's graduation weekend. We're all staying at Ridgehaven, and that should be fun :) Life is busy ... and of course every day is chock full of farm work and working at the afterschool program, plus church responsibilities.
So ... if I'm not here, you'll know I'm not sitting with my feet up, watching a movie and eating bonbons!


  1. Beautiful yellow roses! Wonderful. My FIL has one in his yard and it is so fragrant. You've been a busy lady! The spring concert sounded fun.

  2. You are v busy!!! Glad all is well. What a blessing plants planted by others are-those yellow flowers are delightful!!!x

  3. Can't believe Julia has almost finished her first year of college! That rose is delicious.

  4. It's good to hear about the happy and beautiful things that occupy you. Springtime should be like this! That is a lovely rose.

  5. What fun treasures the previous owner left for you to enjoy and discover! You do have a full plate right now. I hope you can squeeze in a little time for movies and bon bons! :0

  6. Busy is a blessing! Love those yellow roses and the video and getting caught up. Sending more blessings your way in the name of Jesus!

  7. Your yellow rose is gorgeous! How wonderful that you have been gifted with many delightful joys in your yard.
    You are a busy gal~~


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