Saturday, April 30, 2016

Badger Among the Wares

My Dear Toad,

I've tried to find race cars here, or painted caravans, or even a few fast horses, to write you about. To no avail, my friend! My time on the coastal plains of Sir Raleigh's colony is near its end, so I shall share instead my friendly hours at the local farmers' market. This may not excite your fancy, but it's the best I can do. Would it help to add that an air show is also occurring at a nearby military base? That's much too loud for me, but I hear the Blue Angels are performing. You'll have to use your imagination.
I nearly forgot! I did see some quite lovely boats. Do you fancy a boat, Toad? I wager you could do a bit of damage to a boat!
lovely catamaran
elegant river motoring boat
Here I am, with my kind hostess, Mary Kathryn. I've spent many hours resting in her quiet home before my flight over the Atlantic to return to the precious isle.
 Myself among the strawberries:
 Myself among the eggs:
 And nestled in with the pizzelles:
 Hiding among the tomatoes:
Badger among the yarn goods:
Badger among the soaps:

It was quite fun to meet all the market people and see the crowds streaming by as Oriental had its yearly town-wide yard sale. I liked the soaps best; they smell so fragrant.

Please tell Ratty and Mole I will be home soon and to have my slippers and fire ready. I need a long nap.



  1. What a great post, MK! He's right at home!

  2. You made lots of wonderful things for the sale! I think Badger has enjoyed his rest in North Carolina. I'm glad he can now look forward to returning to his burrow in beautiful Old England. :) We've enjoyed him immensely!


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