Friday, April 15, 2016

Mr. Badger Finds Hygge

My Dear Mole,
How I do miss our friendly chats and occasional visits. A calm friend is a true comfort, and such are you, Mole. I came on these travels to find if other creatures are slipper-wearing, tea-sipping, fireplace-gazing, afternoon-napping lovers of leisure as we are. And yes, in each home, I've found some good old-fashioned hygge.
My hostess is a yarn lady. I helped her with a little crocheting, a little tea, and some couch-sitting.
I'm not sure about those fox-like fuzzy socks she's wearing. They growled at me, and I growled back. She's reading about an Irishman! Mr. Lewis's gripping account of Trufflehunter and the other badgers of Narnia has long been one of my favorite winter reads.
She offered me popcorn, which I'd never tried before. It's crunchy and salty, but otherwise is inferior to a good old English breakfast.
My hostess tried to encourage her canine and me to become chums, but so far this has not occurred. He is a soft and nervous creature, and the only thing I can say in his favor is that he does seem to wear slippers on his paws. His fur protrudes over his claws in the most amusing manner.
Regarding the creature's paws, my hostess keeps alluding to someone named Dr. Seuss.
Mole, my dear fellow, I do not know what the next adventure will be. I often overheard talk about going to a place called Greenhouse. More news from the colonies will be forthcoming.



  1. Lots of hygge taking place for Mr. Badger! There's nothing like a Lewis bio (or, my favorite, his autobio) for a good read. I'll bet Badger is missing Mole and his old stomping grounds, but I know you'll find much to interest him at the farm. Enjoy!

  2. Hooray! He's right at home. What a cutie pie he is! I knew he'd love being with you all. Thank you! xo

  3. What can I say.... I am also charmed!!

  4. Absolutely delightful, charming, and just plain fun!


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