Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mr. Badger Writes Home

Dear Ratty,
At last I have arrived near the American ocean, and I begin to see my way back home to our fine island again. I admit that all this traveling wears on an animal, but I'm holding up rather well. All our friends have been such gentle hosts. Each time I arrive I find it so freeing to be removed from the yellow envelope and given tea.
Oh, Ratty! The first thing my hostess did this time was drive me to see the River! The River -- I knew you would want to see it straight away!
 So wide! So majestic!
My dear fellow, when I think of the many hours of delightful rowing you would enjoy here, it makes my heart yearn for you to come as well. When you visited the colonies last, this destination wasn't on your itinerary. How I wish it had been!
Today, dear Ratty, I'm spending the day recuperating from the exhaustion of traveling in the lumbering post office lorry across country. I'm snuggled in a blanket on a rainy day here on Red Robin Farm. I'll write again  soon.


If you'd like to read more about why Badger is traveling and whom he's visited, here are a few links:

Badger's travels originated from Pom Pom at PomPom's Ponderings, and you can read a bit about his visit there at this link to her blog.
And this link right here will take you to all the posts from Mags in Ireland describing Badger's visit there in the cold of winter. Mags and Pom together are orchestrating Badger's round-the-world tour.

In late 2011, Badger's friends, Ratty, Mole, and Toad visited us in the NC mountains on a similar tour. Read how we welcomed them and all the contents of their traveling package.
Read about when Ratty, Mole, and Toad  got a tour of Brevard, NC  and had adventures traveling in bank tubes and viewing a waterfall.


  1. oh how lovely! What a nice idea to write in the first person, ahem, I mean, allow Mr Badger to borrow your blog to write on!

  2. Aw, what a nice letter. When I sent him on his way he was in a blue and white striped envelope. I bet those envelopes get pretty beaten up on the journey. I certainly understand why Badger would be getting a little homesick for his island! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. HOW FUN! I want to come to the river! I linked to him but I'll do it again next time I post. Thank you for being so dear, Ratty! (You are a Ratty and Adam is a Mr. Badger)

  4. Yay!!!! Going to the river seems like just the thing!!!


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