Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Few Pretty Things

 A rose from a friend's garden last Saturday. Yes, we have roses in November, and even December.
I took a series of shots of these two boats on the river as they approached each other, as they met/overlapped, and afterward.
 This may not be very pretty in the technical sense, but it is lovely to me! This is the old-fashioned food mill I bought at the thrift store for $5. I made applesauce at work with the children, and oh my!! It worked like a charm! So much easier than my other hand-crank food mill, plus this one is much easier to clean, and gentler on aging hands. I used 6 lbs. of apples this day, half Granny Smith and half some other small red, hard apple.
 I loved watching the applesauce come gloop-glooping down the cone.
 I'm weaving again. Julia told me I need to do bright scarves, not these dull, muted autumn colors I love. Haha! So here's one:
 I'm doing a very loose weave so that the warp yarns can stand out and be seen.
Here they are, below:
 This is a fun, fast scarf.
 Speaking of colorful, yesterday at work, I had the children make these easy wreaths -- "thankful hands" or something like that :) I traced the hands and copied them onto colored construction paper.
 They cut the hands out, and then we glued them together as wreaths. Some of the kids wrote names of people they're thankful for, on the hands.
 This morning Adam and I went to the church to prepare the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. I set up the long table (for 20 people) while Adam fiddled with turkey and ham in the kitchen.
It is very truly fall now. Cool outside. A skim of ice was on the chickens' water this morning in their yard. I've graduated from listening to Handel's Messiah to Bing Crosby. Soon I'll snuggle into the sofa for an evening of White Christmas and wish very much that Anna were here. ((heavy sigh))
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  1. I was watching an antiques programme yesterday. Someone brought in a drawing that a famous artist did around his own hand. It sold for quite a lot of money. I like your colourful scarf and hope it does well for you. It is strange reading all the Thanksgiving blogs. We don't celebrate it here in the UK. It is just another normal day for us.

  2. Years ago, in a decluttering frenzy, I got rid of my grandfather's food mill, just like the one you have pictured here. How I wish I still had it!
    Nice to catch up with your doings M.K. Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. xo Deborah

  3. Roses in November sounds wonderful to me. We're expecting snow tomorrow. That pot of hot apple was precariously sitting on the edge of the counter -- which made me nervous! But your sauce looks yummy!

    I'm with Julia! I love the bright colored scarves!

  4. Hoping that it was all lovely x Roses in November and just now some ice. HOW you make me laugh!

  5. Lots of prettiness here, M.K.! I love our brown autumn/winter transition - so much fun seeing what's there after all the leaves and flowers are gone. I know y'all are truly enjoying the farm these days.

  6. Oh, I love the bright scarf! Weaving seems like an autumn/winter thing to do. I'm sure the Thanksgiving feast was a good time of fellowship. Stay cozy!


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