Thursday, November 3, 2016

Best Days on the November Farm

Hi, all. Just because I do have a separate blog for the farm doesn't mean I don't want you "Through a Glass" readers to know what farmish things are happening!
 Adam is working hard at converting our hardly-used front porch into a greenhouse.
 It will be: storage for tender potted plants, restful place for reading or napping, seed-starting greenhouse for the spring, extra living space when family visits.
 We had six beehives over the summer, three on each bee table above. The three on the right are fine. On the left table, the tallest hive is fine, and the small nuc box immediately to its right is chock-full of bees. Sadly, the hive on the far left died recently. It was weak and invaded by wax moths. The other hives robbed out the honey, so it wasn't lost.
I still have tomatoes :) I pick them when they're just turning color and put them on the kitchen counter in a shallow bowl. I eat them for lunch as they ripen.
Our chickens are producing nicely. We keep about two dozen farm fresh eggs in the frig most of the time. If it rises above that number, I make something like egg salad for church and wipe out a dozen in one fell swoop. Adam and I are challenged to stay ahead of the hens right now.
 The reroofing of the little building came to a grinding halt when the 2nd load of metal roofing was lost in a vehicle accident during delivery! Can you believe it? We're expecting rain tonight (at last!!), so he put a tarp on the roof. We don't know when the materials will come.
 This little fellow welcomed me at the chicken coop this morning. We have quite a few, including a green one that lives among my front porch plants.
Adam made a veggie plate for supper earlier this week. Soft-baked sweet potato, fried okra, a double-stuffed baked apple (with raisins, pecans, and oatmeal) and dressing. Yummy!
 Adam liked the baked apple and plans to improve the recipe.
 I'm still weaving and taking my scarves to market to sell. It's not quite cold enough yet for people to be sweeping them off my table and wrapping them around their necks, but I hope we're getting there!
The pecans fall, the sun slides south, pumpkins and mums appear on porches, and I'm wearing sweaters. Welcome to November, everyone!


  1. The porch/greenhouse will be so nice to work in, I think. Look at those eggs! Isn't it just wonderful to have fresh eggs all the time? An that vegetable plate dinner looks divine. You're blessed to have a husband who cooks, let alone cooks like THAT! Yum! Your weavings are lovely, as always.

  2. What a clever idea for your porch. I would never have thought of that. But your "inside" photo shows how roomy it is in there. Very useful space.

  3. Awww...sure enjoyed reading what is going on in your little corner of the world. That will be a nice closed in front porch when you are finished.
    Your eggs are so lovely and clean, not always the case with fresh eggs. :)
    Adam made a scrumptious looking dish there, YUM!

    Bless you~~

  4. Very nice! I will check in the separate blog for the farm. Always love visiting other farm blogs.

  5. What a wonderful, productive post about your life on the farm. I loved seeing your greenhouse from the inside. That will give you more privacy from the road.

    Your scarves are lovely and I hope you get some chilly weather soon so that you will 'sell out'.

    Great harvest of eggs and tomatoes.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  6. The baked apple looks so good! Your scarves are lovely, MK! Well done!
    The greenhouse/porch is a great idea. Beau! I spied him.
    Eggs galore! How wonderful!
    Love you, good farmers!

  7. Great post and a most Happy November to you! Looks busy there. Here, too ---- that's normal, and isn't it wonderful? We have plenty of eggs, too, and I give them away at church! I get the empty cartons in return; the girls are only too happy to fill them for me. Love the porch/greenhouse/guest quarters. Everything there is so nice!


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