Friday, November 11, 2016

My Apologies

I've been quite negligent of my blog. I've started writing three -- count them, three! -- posts, and not published them. One was on the political fervor. One was on spiritual matters. One was a poem. None were quite fit to print.

Plus, I must admit, it's my favorite time of year: Autumn!!! And I love to be outside in the cool and crisp. My mind is engaged in the sheer beauty of the slanted morning light across light fog, and the fact that I might need to wear gloves but certainly a jacket. Pecans are littering the ground. We had a frost warning a few nights ago. In the pitch black Adam and I went to the garden with a flashlight and picked every single green tomato, and brought them inside.
I did this once with my mother in the mountains. We wrapped the larger tomatoes in newspaper, placed them gingerly in cardboard boxes in her dark laundry room, and ate them as they ripened. I think they lasted till Christmas. These are smaller fruit and more numerous.
In other news, Julia colored her hair strawberry blond. I think it's pretty. And I'm so glad it's not green or blue, for now.
I'm slogging through the chore of getting her graduated from high school in December, and admitted to community college (as a regular student) in January, and then admitted to university next fall. It's a lot of tedious work with online applications
The front porch is such a pleasure!
 By noon it is the kind of dry, toasty warm out there that makes you want to snooze, the kind of warm a kitty cat would love. I ate lunch out there yesterday, and then worked on reassembling a broken seashell wind chime.
 It's so peaceful, even with the cars going past. The extra barriers dull the sound though, and the privacy there now makes it quite restful. I've been knitting again for the winter farmers' market:
Scarves, scarves, and more scarves. It appears that the huge cowl neck look is in, more than ever.
Adam is working so hard in the garden, preparing it for next spring. He wants beds and fence and everything to be ready to go. I'll post more about that soon on the farm blog.
Yesterday I went to town to get a biopsy on a lump on my back -- nothing to worry about! It is almost certainly just a fatty lipoma, but the surgeon wants to be sure about it because of my family history. And today I'm off work for Veterans Day (yippee!!), so I'm relaxing and enjoying the day.

 I just had a long, sweet talk with Anna in Japan. I miss her so. Happily, she will be spending Christmas with Kesse, her cousin who also teaches in Japan. That is a great relief to me. I can't bear to think of her being lonely there. Anna burned her feet rather badly about a week ago. She had a mean run-in with a hot water bottle. She did go to the hospital and has been carefully tending to her feet. I admonished her lovingly as a mother should, and told her to be sure to go back to the doctor again after her medicated wrappings are used up. One must be careful with feet.

Love to all! Enjoy autumn!


  1. I too am working on a blog post inspired by you and this aftermath. I'm re-reading my Voltaire and thinking of you cultivering your jardin. That porch. You know that I am a fine virtual connoisseur of The American Porch. Keep me a seat on that one. Are the mosquitoes gone by Hallowe'en?

  2. Your sun porch looks so inviting and cozy! I've been enjoying my slow-ripening tomatoes. They seem to have more sweetness to them.

  3. Oh, that porch! Sounds wonderful! The closeup of the knitting project has whetted my appetite to try some more knitting. Big needles; quick progress. That's what I need. Maybe a little arm knitting. Happy autumn!


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