Monday, November 21, 2016

The Humble Steamed Egg

We've talked before about the delights of a morning boiled egg, remember? I enjoyed the insights of many readers about their childhood experiences with eggs, egg cups, accompanying toast. That was fun! That was nearly two years ago. (Two years? How can it have been two years?)

Now we have our own fresh eggs -- big round eggs with yolks the color of a huge harvest moon.
Adam read about steaming eggs. He steams lots of things; steaming is fast, efficient, and low-calorie. He steams whole potatoes. He steams wheat berries too. Years ago we collected Revere Ware pots at thrift stores, so we have a decent set for steaming:
You could even use both steamers in a stack, in a crunch on Thanksgiving when burners are in high demand!
When we use Ruby's big eggs, seven minutes is needed for a perfect soft-center egg, provided it is plopped immediately in cold water to arrest cooking (say, for a salad). But if I want a piping-hot soft-center Ruby egg, 6.5 minutes is perfect, and not a second more. If it's a smaller egg from Ethel, Lucy, or Punkin, I lift the egg out at 6 minutes.
That was yesterday's egg, almost overcooked in the yolk. See how it is gel-like? The yolk is deep orange, creamy, and tasty. The white is perfectly cooked. I peel just the top, lift off the cap of white, and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on the glowing yolk, and stir it in. Eggs need salt.
 This was my egg five minutes ago :) I stopped it a few seconds earlier; its yolk is a little runnier. Lovely with Adam's fresh bread toast with peach jam.
This is still my favorite egg cup lady! Julia asked this morning if she is Humpty Dumpty's wife, haha! But I have quite a nice collection of egg cups, thanks to a dear friend.
If you have a good steamer arrangement, try a steamed egg soon -- you won't regret it!


  1. Cool! I love eggs! I just have one simple veggie steamer but I use it a lot!
    Adam's a smartie.

  2. I think Ruby must be a goose in disguise. What an enormous egg! I like eggs and they seem to be full of nutrients. Hubby's favourite dish lately is eggs scrambled with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. I wouldn't call them omelettes as I don't have the knack of turning them.

  3. I need to try the steaming! What a lovely method! My girls have slowed a bit in their egg-laying --- cold temperatures seem to be their challenge. We still get some, though. We get some spectacular double-yolks once in awhile.


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