Tuesday, November 22, 2016

'Tis the Season!

This is my mother-in-law's home in Holdrege, Nebraska. Isn't it picture-perfect? She always does such a lovely job of decorating for Christmas!
We don't have any snow here, of course. We are pressing on toward Thanksgiving. Sunday evening, the Oriental community gathered at the Catholic Church (because they have the biggest sanctuary) for the Thanksgiving Service as we do each year. They also decorate well!
 Adam was one of six pastors seated up front. Each man played a part in the service.This year Adam read the liturgy.
 Today (Tuesday) is my last day of work this week. Wednesday I'll bake a pumpkin pie. Thursday morning I'll make my mother's out-of-this-world sweet potato casserole, plus a green bean casserole. Adam will spend the morning at the church preparing turkey, ham, gravy, and dinner rolls for the feast ... and at 2:00 about 18 of us will gather in the fellowship hall for a large, wonderful Thanksgiving meal. It's a great event each year, and I'm looking forward to it again!
Our church ended up packing 37 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year. That's more than last year, but not back up to our all-time high :) That's just one more part of our season of thanks, of giving, of celebration, and of worship.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie Pie! I bet you are looking forward to Wednesday! I hope the pie turns out perfectly.

  2. Your MIL's home could be on a Hallmark card. So pretty. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. It's been too many years since I managed to do shoeboxes. I loved doing them with the boys when they were younger. watching the videos and hoping that they would grow into men of justice and kindness. Oh, such a beautiful house that is- I really thought it was your farmhouse when I saw it on farcebook! A very happy Thanksgiving to you all xxx

  4. Many blessings of the whole season! XO

  5. "Tis the season for coziness! Love that photo of your mom's house!


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