Saturday, October 27, 2007

After the rain

We did a little yard work. Philip was dragged out of bed on a Saturday morning to begin arranging the pavers on our new "patio" area.

Adam made about 80 pavers, plus we have some nice flat stone that was lying around in the yard.

Meanwhile, Adam was doing car work. He ruined those poor shorts. The Volvo still doesn't run - the fuel pump is being obstinate.

Anna did NOT want to have her picture taken. Philip decided to put the stone in the middle.

And this is what he got done today, before he ran out of pavers! Doesn't it look cool? He really has an eye. I was worried it was going to be ugly - I'm so glad we put him in charge! Except...Now Adam has to begin paver-production again. Amazingly, we need about 100 more. He was stunned. He thought he'd made more than enough for the area. It must be bigger than we realize.

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