Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm happy to report that it is raining. Finally, a slow, steady, soaking rain. I'm just hoping it continues for a few days.

I think I've decided I'm going to get my grading done (sometime in the next decade...) and then I'm not going to assign more essays/writing for the rest of the semester. I'm just DEAD with grading of writing - I don't think I can stand it another semester! The research papers (with rough drafts and final copies both) and essays are hard enough, but then I add their tests, which are almost all essay, and it's just overwhelming. I just finished one grading period, and already I'm up to my chin in it again. Must find relief!!

This Friday is a mini-break for the students - a half-day. But for us poor slogs behind the desks, it's "parent-teacher conference day." 4 hours in the afternoon, and 4 hours in the evening. I am hoping no one wants to talk to me. Then I can sit there and get some grading done :)

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