Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a lovely day!

I can't speak for Adam, but I've had a great day. After the usual pancakes for breakfast, I puttered around the house. I did grade a paper, and edit a bit of literature for later. I also did lots of laundry, cleaned my iron, cleaned 3 horrible shelves in our laundry room that hadn't been wiped down in about 20 years. Really gross. Put shelf paper on them, and they're ready for our folded items. Watched (again) a winsome video my mother loaned me called "A Child's Christmas in Wales" - a retelling of Dylan Thomas's poem/story. It put me in the Christmas mood. Now I have lit 5 glowing candles in the house, taken a warm shower, started the pizza for supper, and am waiting for my hubby to come home from his last coaching event for the year.

He spent the morning buying concrete and making yet more pavers for our backyard patio area. I sure hope, after all this effort, that space looks decent. I'll let you know!

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  1. Ah - Saturday Morning Pancakes - you know I love those memories - in those six years we lived close MK - I actually have brought that tradition to my family b/c of your mom! We don't always have that wonderful melted REAL butter we did long ago - but I love it when we do! We also have added fresh blueberries - we've picked fresh blueberries for the last 4 summers at my moms and freeze - last summer it was eight qts of strawberries! hmmmm thanks for taking me there today! :) Love you Cousin!


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