Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I finally got the camera back!

Adam worked on his bread oven while I was gone last weekend. He built frames so he could pour more concrete on the top. The flat slab you see there will be the BOTTOM of the oven. The large open space underneath is for storing wood.

Here's the table I bought. It is not a fine table, but it looks nice enough, and I LOVE the gate-leg, drop-leaf arrangement. Nice, tapered legs too. Notice the little castle affair assembled - that's Redwall Abbey, which I got as a used children's book at the flea market.

And I bought 3 Longaberger baskets at a yard sale - almost new!

Here's my front porch assortment. The mums aren't blooming yet.

And my rather thrown-together fall wreath. I'm no arranger :(

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  1. I love the table!!! I have a weakness for tables...I just bought a pub table, to use as a desk in my new office room. gloria


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