Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Turtle Time!

Wish I had a photo for you. The camera is still busted. Adam says he will find instructions online for taking it apart and realigning the zoom onto its tracks. Last night Philip bought his new camera for an outrageous sum - his entire Christmas and birthday present combined. He got some special type of card for it, plus an external hard drive for his computer. He's been snapping pics all day.

Anyway, this evening, Adam started making his Christmas turtles. He started with the caramel - home made, of course, with peanuts. It takes forever to get it to medium hard-ball stage. We just spent an hour forming it all into little discs. Tomorrow, after they're frozen, we'll dip them into pure chocolate; using frozen caramel will temper the chocolate naturally, eliminating the need for paraffin . And they are SO wonderful! We have to give them away to keep from eating too many.

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