Monday, December 31, 2007

A pig-sty on wheels

That was our van, before the big cleaning. Each child filled a Wally-World bag with his/her own personal trash. I vacuumed and scrubbed. Hopefully it will stay clean until Thursday, when I will begin transporting my creative writing students to and fro.

Today was a perfect example of why people should live in the South during winter. Except Anna (of course) we were all outside. Peter and Adam wielded a sledge hammer, removing part of our asphalt/concrete slab in the driveway. After working with the sledge hammer, Peter discovered that the mattock now feels rather light :) So he asked if we had any stumps to be removed. Well now, my boy!! We allowed him to attack a very large holly stump. It is now out. When Philip saw that his 13 year old brother was going to successfully remove a stump that he, the larger boy, had failed to do this fall, he decided to weigh in on the matter. Very satisfying.

All that to say, it was a gorgeous day - perfect for all kinds of yard work and cleaning the vehicle of choice. And the best thing about doing yard work in the South in the winter, is that you can do it when all the leaves are off, and nature has bared herself for inspection and subsequent improvements. Much easier than clawing one's way through the foliage in the tangle and heat of July.

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