Sunday, December 2, 2007

On the Road Again

That's right. Beware all drivers in central North Carolina. Anna's daddy worked on his back, on the cold ground for hours yesterday (installing a new fuel line and a new fuel pump) on the 1988 Volvo, so that NOW, Anna again has a car to drive! Philip removed all the tires so said daddy could take them to be filled with air (that's how long it's been sitting in hibernation). Within mere moments of her having her shoes on again, the Volvo was humming down the road with Anna behind the wheel at a mighty 20 miles per hour! She discovered that, in the intervening 6 months without wheels, she's grown, and now she doesn't need to sit on a pillow anymore to see over the dash :)

Loving Daddy gets very nervous driving with Anna, so I took her out in the dusk for a refresher course. She did one loop one way in the neighborhood, and a second loop the other way. Except for drifting sometimes too close to the garbage cans, and sometimes too much in the middle of the road, she did fine.

In February, Philip gets his license. He's happy to see the Volvo running because with that license in his pocket he'll be able to drive himself to school. Which means he doesn't have to come with his parents. At 7:00 AM. Which gives him another hour of sleep. There is nothing more important to that boy than his sleep.

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