Friday, May 8, 2009

If you love Covenant College,

Then you might be concerned to find out that the college is going to lay off 10-15% of its faculty. These are hard economic times. However, the college isn't doing it because of a money crunch. They are "right-sizing" -- compensating for having TOO GOOD of a student/teacher ratio in the past, I suppose. The funds that are saved from this change will go partially to boost the athletic program and hire more coaches, that is, if they get the new student-athletes to play these sports.

At least, from reading 2 articles on these changes, this is what I gather.

If you're a Covenant alumna, and want to contribute to the conversation with the administration on this issue, go to this site.

There's a gracious letter there that you may sign, directed to the administration, board of trustees, and faculty. I've very concerned for long-time faculty who will find out in a few days that their teaching days at Covenant are over.

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