Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day/Labor Day

We really worked today!

The major efforts accomplished today were:
1. Cleaning Julia's room
2. Sending out job information to churches

Julia's room is MUCH better. Picture, if you will, a sea of crumpled clothing. Not an inch of floor in sight. The round, purple chair in the center of her room piled high with more clothing and junk. Her bed also a mass of jumbled bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, and the usual mysteries.

And TRASH. So much little, itty bitty trash.
(And lets not forget all the ants, because Julia is a girl who loves to stash her sweets away in obscure places where only ants can go.)

At first, I just had to hand it over to Adam because I knew I was going to lose my temper even WORSE than I already had. Then later, I had to bite the bullet and do that undesirable necessity: sit in her room and give very specific instructions. "Pick up that piece of trash. Put it in the bag. DON'T set that on the floor! Do you want to keep that book? That's trash! Why do you want to keep a zip-lock bag with dirty kleenex?"

And she's almost 10.

Adam had major success today. Altogether, he has sent information to 24 churches. Today he sent information to 12 (8 via mail, 4 online). 2 of the churches were asking for a second round of info, which is very encouraging -- a church in Missouri, and a church in eastern NC. The farthest church? Bolivia. Ahem.

Philip is back from his senior class mission trip to the Dominican Republic. They had a great time, did extremely useful ministry in a medical clinic and with children, and visited an orphanage. Philip, for 2 days, was assigned to take people's pictures, print them, and give them to the folks. Many of these people did not own a photograph of themselves or their children. Some of the mothers cried as they saw their children's pictures. Can you imagine not owning a photo of your baby, especially in a place where infant mortality is high? I'm so thankful my son had an opportunity to go on this trip, and so proud of ALL these seniors that they chose to do ministry instead of sunning themselves on a cruise for a week.

So, all in all, a very productive day. I only have 2 class days left in school: tomorrow I'm giving a test, and Wednesday I'm having a review day for the exam, which is on Thursday. On Friday, I'm just doing graduation stuff with my son.

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