Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Covenant

I heard from a friend who works at the college, and wanted to pass on some more accurate information about the faculty changes happening soon at the college. As you can read in this page from the Covenant College website, they have decided to phase out the 25 year old Quest Program, a program designed to help older, working adults to finish their college degrees. 25 years ago this was a great, new idea, but I can't help but wonder if the huge advancements we've seen in online technology and distance learning have made this program a bit obsolete. These days, anyone can get any degree they want, online, from hundreds of universities.

Anyway, many of the faculty positions that are being cut are apparently coming from the demise of this program. Now, these are still people who are losing jobs, and it's the end of a valued program at the college. Still, it was helpful to me to hear the reasoning behind the lay-offs. This makes more sense to me that some of the other information I'd read.

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  1. The thing about Quest, though, is that few profs were actually full-time Quest profs. Many are adjunct to the college (which is its own situation), and many are fulltime main campus profs who teach a course in the Quest program. To me, that's not a completely satisfying answer...


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